This is the home page for the Sarvsalö-"åttan" half-marathon. On these pages you will find general information about Sarvsalö-"åttan" as well as photos and results from previous years and plans for the future.

Time to sign up!

We are now accepting entries for Sarvsalö-"åttan" 2024. Please sign up here. Last day to sign up on these pages is a week before the event.

If you experience problems signing up, please contact us in a way that you see fit.

The fee is EUR 20,- and is paid when you arrive for the competition (only cash). Please come no later than 13:15 in order to get your number in good time before the start.

Check results and photos from last year

Oscar Holmström broke all earlier records for the route with the winning time 1:08:07! Not only did he smash Janne Sakkara's record from 2007 in the mens' series, but he was also faster than the record in the couples relay from 2012. If you are wondering what it takes to run this fast, you can read more about Oscar e.g., here.

Results can be found here, and the pictures are here.

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